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The First Environment-protection Show in Xi’an

The First Environment-protection Show in Xi’an

A three-day holiday can comfort a weary soul.
But instead of elbowing your way in the scenic spots,
why now come to CityOn and see an environment-protection show to have a fun life.

This environment-protection show is launched by CityOn and Smart Education Group, which aims to focus on purifying the environment.
Time: 02:00pm-06:00pm
Add: Middle Hall, F1, CityOn

Three brand-new experience stimulate children's creative minds, and arouse their aesthetic perception.
The exploration journey of art begins here.

Hazards of Dissolving Glaciers
Dissolving Glaciers, two words extremely strange to our daily life, but actually this matters closely to us, to the surrounding environment.
This time, CityOn prepares tin foil, KT boards, and clay for kids to simulate the dissolving process of glaciers.
Protect environment, protect the earth are what people should try the best to do.

Raising awareness of environmental protection among children and parents while paying more attention to the issue of environmental protection are the most important aims of this show.

Cultivating Consciousness of Saving Energy
Decontamination after consumption of resources is less meaningful than environment protection.
The children will use foam gum, disposable paper cups and other tools to explore the long process of purifying.
During this process, kids will understand the profound meaning of protecting the environment.
“Save energy” is not a slogan any more.

Wonderful Moments in this Fashion Show
In an interesting event, the most memorable part must be kids’ efforts and the meaning of this event.
CityOn recorded the whole event and puts kids’ creation into the event video.
This fashion show is perfect with your participation.