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The first exhibition of PAW Patrol is coming to CityOn. Xi’an during International Labour Day Holiday.


The debut of PAW Patrol in Xi’an

The American superhero action adventure cartoon "PAW Patrol" will appear at CityOn in May. The animated film that won the championship list of the major platforms will finally arrive in the ancient city of Xi'an, in the form of adventure and exciting activities. PAW Patrol fans are having close interactions with each dog in the adventures.

Ten man-made scenes for fans to enjoy
Complete tasks in different scenes and collect 6 cartoon hero stamps to obtain the PAW Patrol limited edition badge and handbag. At the same time, you can enjoy a discount of 15% on derivatives from PAW Patrol.

Happy Missions

Mission 1 Main control tower
Climb the tower and take on new tasks. Slide down and follow the dogs on a mission.

Mission 2 Rubble’s sandpit
Rubble takes shovels, drills and auguries, and is ready for the building of a dream fortress!

Mission 3 Penalty shoot-out
The referee is ready, waiting for your MVP competition.

Mission 4 Sidewalk
Chase is on a mission! Let's go to Chase to get the task card and evaluate who is the best traffic commander.

Mission 5 Bowling battle
Ryder is leading you on a new mission! What are you waiting for? Be ready!

Mission 6 Bounce
Control marbles and cross obstacles. Get to the final destination!

Mission 7 Marshall’s training camp
As long as you are in trouble, shout for help! Brave Marshall now is ready to rescue!

Mission 8 Rubble’s party
What is the perfect in the hot summer? A beautiful holiday, of course.
Rubble who has completed the task is lying in the sea and enjoying his vacation!!

Mission 9 Vacation everyday
Skye is lying on the beach, enjoying the beautiful sunbathing! Do you wanna join him?

Mission 10 Take a picture with Chase
Chase, who is bold and enthusiastic, won the first prize in the Adventure Bay Shepherd Dog Competition. Come and take a photo with Chase, the champion.

More happiness in the theme activities
May 1-May 2
Marshall and Chase will appear at CityOn and present a cruise for children and fans.

Special promotion for CityOn members
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