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Lego’s universe is restarting! Player one, Lego is looking

CityOn prepares LEGO fans a fan-meeting.
Where are you? We are waiting for you.

Lego’s fan meeting
About to open!
Time: December 17

Add.: H&M Hall, CityOn

At here, you may find lots of friends who are like you fancying LEGO.
You are welcomed to share your LEGO story and favorite toy here.

Tower-building activity
Start a happy LEGO journey at CityOn.
Time: December 8, 3:00pm-4:00pm
Add.: B Block, CityOn
In addition to various activities, CityOn gets your LEGO presents ready.
Your shopping needs will be satisfied, while surprises are also coming to you.

Shopping with extra gifts!
Time: as of today-January 10, 2020
Add.: Service center, F1
LEGO Coupons for customers
Time: As of today- January 01, 2020
Add.: Service center, F1, CityOn
Contents: Buy 100 yuan and get 20 yuan coupon; Buy 200 yuan and get 50 yuan coupon; Buy 500 yuan and get 100 yuan coupon.
All the coupons are applicable to LEGO at MD zone.

LEGO are hero dreams in one’s tiredness, to satisfy everyone’s vision about life.
To make a dream perfect, LEGO can help it!