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The Great Tang Dynasty's Record ShanShiSan eats for free, and there are many good joint names waiting for you to pull the grass!


Xidi Port as Xi'an Gateway Shopping Center
Hee fans who have waited for a year brought again
Busy Chang'an 2.0 Version

There are already a lot of trendy Internet celebrities first to come to Xidi Port to check in

Datang Xiyu's Three Super-Landscapes, Say NO!

Fuxi Light House [View] Flower Dance Prosperity
(Coordinates: Atrium)

Chang'an Collection [Product] Prosperous Scenery
(Coordinates: Zara doorway)

Crescent Flying [Enjoy] Xiyu Fenghua
(Coordinates: UR doorway)

The ancient wind group fan blesses the BUFF halo, and the interactive photo takes you to the C-bit debut
January 24-January 30
Came to the scene of Xidigang to interact with Fuxi Light House of HM Atrium, and Weibo @CityOn 熙 地 港 西安 购物中心, you will have the opportunity to win a custom ancient fan

10: 00-22: 00, January 26-January 30
You can experience the production of Wadang prints at the Changan Collection
In addition to the handmade experience
There are a lot of new and exciting things waiting for you in the Changan episode

Flower Dance Datang Spring Cultural and Creative Products
Crescent Blessing, Flying Wish
(January 11-February 14)
During the event, you can get a wish card at the customer service desk when you spend 199 yuan on a single purchase
Fill in the New Year's wish, you can hang it on the crescent flying wishing table at B1

Heeyou member exclusive gift, Guofeng gift free
Activity time: January 18-January 30