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The Chang'an market is booming again and we will take you back to the ancient Grand Tang Dynasty on December 19!

December 18, 2020   CityOn
Prosperous Chang'an Show In CityOn CityOn & Huaqing Culture

Chang'an is about to open, the market is booming again and we will take you back to the ancient Tang Dynasty!

Event Location: The atrium of H&M

Time: December 19

Content: The ladies of the Tang Dynasty, the flying silk, and the Hu Xuan dance will take you to the scene of the prosperous Tang Dynasty while the opening ceremony will begin with the performance of traditional musical instruments.

6 themed scenes of the Grand Tang Dynasty

Locations: Entrance of H&M CityOn

Yuyi Pipa, Guzheng Band and Royal Huanghou

Tea, ikebana and aromatherapy

Every theme scene will remind consumers of the Grand Tang Dynasty

Chang'an four characteristic bazaars

Locations: Bershka gate of CityOn

Three major cultural and creative shops have been opened here: the study room of the 'little emperor', the cloakroom of the 'imperial concubine', and the dressing room of the 'imperial concubine'.

Chang'an Cultural Heritage Show

Location: CityOn B1

Here you can see the display of shadow puppet carving skills, as well as the vivid sugar man skills

Couplet skills, paper-cutting skills, etc.

Make everyone feel the infinite charm of Chinese traditional culture immersively.

Chang'an Food

Chang'an Trending Fashion

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