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Congratulations on the Chinese New Year

February 16, 2021   CityOn

February 16th pm 13:30 / pm 15:30 / pm 17:30

The 'God of Wealth' landed in the H&M Atrium of CityOn

Everyone will get New Year's gifts when entering the store

You can get a stamp for any purchase and get a limited exclusive gift for completing tasks from now until February 28th.

Spend over ¥1500 can get one ¥100 coupon

Available Time: Today until February 17th

From February 4th to February 26th, you can get a Chinese New Year family movie tickets gift if you spend more than ¥1399 on a single purchase.

Orders over ¥499 / ¥799  /¥1299  can get Huaqing Cultural Gifts and  other creative gifts. 

Available time: today until February 28th