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Dragon Boat Festival Promotion | Getting vouchers & good Items for summer now!

June 11, 2021   CityOn
CityOn Dragon Boat Festival Promotion

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, eating zongzi, hanging wormwood, and wearing sachets are traditional Chinese customs. Do you like to eat salty rice dumplings or sweet rice dumplings?


Getting Vouchers


Customers who make a single purchase of more than 400 at the designated brand store during the festival promotion can get a 50 voucher and get a 100 voucher for a single purchase of 1000 or more.




Recommendation for baby clothes




1. Customers can receive a lucky bookmark for Dragon Boat Festival with any shopping receipt from customer service desk.

2. Customers who park at CityOn for more than 3 hours can receive a delicate sachet bracelet from customer service desk.

Store Recommendations

If you like hand-made products, coffee, childhood toys, etc., then the creative store #Universe Department Store# is the best store for you.

Xi'an's oldest cafe, Defulou and Jiujian Shangshe's first flash store opened in CityOn

#Rabbit Hole Garden# Creative and Handmade Store Sale


Salty rice dumplings or sweet rice dumplings?