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Trendy Clothing Recommendations for Autumn


Rainy days brought the temperature below 30 degrees Celsius.

As August has passed, most of Xi’an’s hottest summers are finally over.

It’s a good time to travel, come to CityOn to buy autumn clothes and items


Recommended items: soft and comfortable sweaters and fashionable sweaters are popular items to wear in autumn



2. Taiping Youth



3. UR


4. Zara



5. Li-Ning


6. 15mins


7. GAP


Recommended accessories:
Good accessories can definitely make the overall effect more outstanding, whether it is romantic thorns and roses or autumn golden wheat ears and stars can make your outfit more colorful





3. Apm


Recommended children's sportswear in Autumn:

1. ANTA Children



2. Leyou

3. Champion Taekwondo


skin care:

In autumn, the temperature gradually decreases, and the air gradually dries. Skin care is very important.


The new black tea youth rejuvenating serum set is on the market!

In autumn, people are more able to calm down and do a lot of things, such as reading a good book...

Yan Ji You

As one of the most popular bookstores, there are not only a wide range of books, but also exquisite cultural and creative products.

Yanji is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary

1. Banu Hot Pot


2. Master Bao

3. Thai fragrant rice 


4. Chushan Rice Ball

5. Eggbang