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Oct Shopping Center Themed Event


Passionate Circus Month

Period: Oct 1st –Oct 31st   

Clowns: The ‘red nose’ coming!

Time:Oct 1st – Oct 7th 

Oct 15th – Oct 16th 

Oct 22nd – Oct 23rd 

Oct 20th – Oct 30th

(14:00 –20:00)

Event theme:

During the event, the comic clowns will make the art balloons, walk on stilts and do magic shows for customers.

We welcome you to have fun with the clowns together !

Venue: All floors in CityOn

The wonderful circus


Time:  Oct 1st –Oct 7th 

Oct 15th – Oct 16th 

Oct22nd – Oct 23rd 

(14:00– 20:00)

Even theme:

Adorable and funny circus performance will be performed by pets in CityOn mini circus.

Venue: Western area of L1, near C.COMELINESS

AR interactive game: CityOn Treasure Mountain Go

Event period : Oct 21st – Oct 23rd

Event theme:

CityOn‘Pokemon Go’ is coming to CityOn. During the event, you can capture Pokemons in CityOn with your smart phone and win the tenant’s special gift. Come to CityOn and win the surprise gifts !

The ‘Dark’ Halloween Party

Time:Oct 30th 19:00 – 21:00

Event theme:

In the Halloween Night, CityOn will hold a crazy party with Barrier Games, circus cruise, flash mob and other fantastic interaction game !

Moreover,our members can attend the Halloween hand-painting workshop this exclusive event.