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We(CityOn) Will Always Be With You!

October 29, 2021   CityOn
At the end of 2019, COVID-19 broke everyone's lives. It not only threatened our health but also impacted our economic decisions. However, the CityOn (Xi'an) shopping center has always been with our customers.

At the beginning of 2020, we faced the COVID-19 and our epidemic prevention work never stopped.
Every staff of the CityOn (Xi'an) shopping center cares about customers' health, and CityOn enables customers to still feel the best service in special times.
In 2021, CityOn (Xi'an) Shopping Center will prevent and control COVID-19 in malls, protect the health of every customer, and provide the best services to every customer. This year, we are always with you!

We have always insisted on epidemic prevention, reminding customers to wear masks, take temperature measurements, and check health codes at every entrance!
Regular disinfection, add induction disinfection machine. At ten o'clock every night, the staff will also disinfect the shopping center. Just to let customers have a safe and reliable shopping environment!

In order to give every customer peace of mind, we add ultraviolet disinfection lamps to the air conditioner to disinfect the filters and heat exchangers!
CityOn protects the health and safety of every employee with high standards: employee body temperature information monitoring records, nucleic acid testing of all employees, and implementation of various safety and epidemic prevention measures.
Xu Jingdong, general manager of CityOn Epidemic Prevention Project, said: " From 2019 to 2021, from the beginning of the COVID-19 to the present time, the CityOn (Xi'an) shopping center has always been with you!

Every staff of CityOn (Xi'an) shopping mall has always provided the best service to customers
We will do our best to improve customer satisfaction in CityON