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CityOn Resumes Business ahead of Chinese New Year of the Tiger

January 21, 2022   CityOn

CityOn reopens on 22 January 2022!
Business hours:11:00-18:00

Dear customers:

We haven't seen each other for a long time. How are you doing during the city-wide lockdown?

In CityOn, there are also a group of volunteers on the front line of COVID-19 prevention. They persevered silently, with due diligence, bravery, and fearlessness, bringing hope and warmth.

Today, CityOn reopened, and let's start a better life together!

The following are the measures we take to ensure the health and safety of each customer while shopping:

Set up disinfection and temperature measurement channels
Wear a mask & infrared temperature measurement
After completing the registration process, you can enter the mall
Real-name system "one-code-pass" registration and inspection of personal electronic identification code
The cleaning staff will repeatedly clean, disinfect, wipe, and disinfect the elevator, ground, elevator buttons, and escalator.
In-store staff will carry out strict disinfection work in public areas and product display areas that customers often come into contact with
A health declaration system will be established for CityOn staff


A single purchase of 99 yuan will have a chance to draw a lottery, and a lot of prizes are waiting for you!
Lucky draw location: 5F customer service desk
Time: January 29th - February 7th


Food can be ordered online and delivered to home


Online Shopping

New Clothing for the Chinese New Year

New Year Shoes

Winter Jewelry

Selected items

High-tech Products Recommended


Regarding the gifts that you cannot receive due to the epidemic during the period when the member points are cleared in December 2021.

CityOn has extended the period for clearing points for everyone, and the period for clearing points for members has been extended to January 31

Customers can collect them within two weeks after the resumption of work