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Gifts Offering | 6th Anniversary & First Shadow Puppets IP Art Exhibition

2022年4月27日   CityOn
The 6th Anniversary of CityOn will be celebrated on April 28th!

Opening Ceremony of the First Shadow Puppet Culture IP Art Exhibition


April 28 Xi'an CityOn

Opening Ceremony of the First Shadow Puppet Culture IP Art Exhibition


Intangible Cultural Heritage - Light and Shadow Puppets Art

Artists and artisans make works of art together

The exploration of shadow puppetry skills


Activity 1 CityOn 6th Anniversary Double Gift

Activity 2 CityOn 6th Birthday Celebration


Activity 3 CityOn 6th Anniversary Coupon Gift

Activity 4 CityOn 6th Anniversary Gold & Jewellery Sale

Activity details: Get a ¥60 cash coupon if you spend over ¥600 in retail


¥50 off per gram of gold

You'll get a ¥100 discount for every ¥3000 you pay for jewelry and setting jewelry. 


Activity 5 CityOn 6th Anniversary Dining Half-price Group Purchase 

Activity 6 CityOn 6th Anniversary Wangfujing Session

On this anniversary, you can enjoy food and beverages, and purchase ¥100 cash coupon at ¥50 in group


Clothing: get a ¥200 discount for every ¥ 1000; Underwear: get a ¥100 discount for every ¥ 500; International beauty: get a ¥ 100 discount for every ¥ 500



Activity 7 CityOn 6th Anniversary Oscar Gift

Activity 8 CCB Car Owner Benefits

Anniversary tickets can be purchased for ¥25 at the Oscar Theater with receipt holders (for general hall only)

Activity time: now - April 30


¥2-10 for self-service parking fees, and a maximum of ¥10 for a single payment with Alipay bound with CCB bank cards (including credit cards).

Enjoy one discount per week.

Activity time: now-June 30


Limited Huge Discounts  Discounts & Gifts on Clothing

Romantic Surprise: Jewelry as low as 23% off


Shoes & Bags as low as 40% off


Beauty & Personal as low as 50% off


50% off for Catering