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June 10, 2022   CityOn
We wish every senior high school candidate a good result after the college entrance examination.

For all Chinese high school students, the college entrance examination is the most important thing every summer, and the expectation of every high school senior is to get a high score in the college entrance examination and be admitted to the university of their choice.

Before business hours every day, CityOn staff will provide a "Heartwarming Tea" service in front of Gate 1

Graduation photo shooting service is available in front of Gate 3.

All CityOn employees wish that the names of those hard-working high school seniors will surely appear on the admission list of prestigious universities


High school students have experienced hard work day and night and finally ushered in the final test, please seize this opportunity to hand over the best answer sheet.

New trendy clothing.

We wish every college entrance exam candidate a high score in the limited time of the exam!

Let's look forward to a better future together this summer!

CityOn & Tongcheng Taxi jointly distributed 66 yuan worth of taxi red envelopes for the convenience of customers.

Your participation is our motivation and we need your help to improve our services.

On this hot June day, we wish all test takers a fulfilled dream.

We cheer on candidates in Xi'an and accompany them through important moments of their lives.