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Enjoy the Summer Time at CityOn

July 1   CityOn
Make Your Expectations for Summer Come True

Stars, evening winds, watermelons and sodas are the beauty of the short hot summer. 

Everyone has different expectations about how to enjoy this summer.

Recommended sunscreen whitening products in summer
Selected cosmetics with discounts

Through fitness, you can work out a charming body and match various styles of clothing to make yourself more attractive in this hot summer.

Cool casual clothing, suitable for summer travel.

Home decoration and food make summer less hot and more comfortable and comfortable.

Late-night snack recommendation: CityOn Banu Tripes hotpot business hours will be extended to 3:00 am from now on at CityOn 6F

With more than 10 kinds of spices to prepare flavor, tripes will also give you surprises.

Signature dishes also include Lamb from the Grassland of Inner Mongolia with a milky flavor.


Nowadays, life in the city is getting busier and busier, and we still have a very strong desire for a better life in our hearts, come to CityOn to enjoy the summer time!