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Praying for the college entrance exam, CityOn sent 10,000 wish cards to college entrance exam candidates wishing students' dreams come true!


The top sign of luck in the college entrance examination

The Golden Ranking 

The brightness is like the past, the wind and hair and the present day

June after the rain

Along with the green trees, youthful dreams grow

Millions of students are about to take the college entrance exam!

The summer exams are a journey of dreams

Come to CityOn to pray for your dreams

Pray that you or someone close to you will be successful and your dreams will come true!

Good luck guide 1: 10,000 golden ranking wish cards to help make dreams come true

Pray for high school entrance exams, wish for success

CityOn for the city's college entrance examination candidates to send 10,000 golden ranking wish card

Write down your own or TA's wishes for the college entrance exam

Help students' dreams come true!

In this summer of cicadas

May all the youngsters who are going to this summer of cicadas be able to cut through the waves and set sail!

Location: FILA Lounge, 1st floor, interactive area for prayers

Activity time: 06.03-06.11

Good luck guide 2:  meet with the three "Qin Chao" celebrities to help you easily reduce stress

Don't forget to pack light during the high-pressure countdown days

Temporarily "escape" from the stressful study atmosphere

De-stress yourself in a comfortable and fun environment!

Come and meet the three "Qin Chao" Qin history celebrities at CityOn

Not only can you interact and have fun with them

Relax and unwind

You can also learn about the history of Qin culture for thousands of years!

Venue: FILA Gallery, 1st floor, Golden Ranking Blessing Area

Event Time: 06.03-06.04

Good luck guide 3:  "food" moment accompanied by the college entrance examination will win

The college entrance examination is not only a competition of knowledge

It is also a battle of physical exertion

"Food" is beautiful, as much as "meal" is beautiful

On the occasion of the college entrance examination, 

let the tongue of delicious "food" moment to accompany

Good luck guide 4:  "clothes" to go forward to win the college entrance examination

Stressful college entrance exams are coming up.

A comfortable outfit will make candidates feel comfortable when doing exams.

Parents can also help their children by wearing clothes that have a good meaning.

Make the candidates more relaxed and comfortable in their mindset

Of course, don't forget to treat yourself after the exam!

The brightness is also like the past, the wind hair and the present day

Xiao Xi wishes all candidates

May you write the college entrance examination, 

the battle of the four directions, 

laughing Qin Feng unharmed

May you go through a thousand sails, 

to get what you want, the gold list