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CityOn extends an invitation to you to see the exhibition, as well as an immersive ancient papermaking experience!

Intangible cultural heritage passed on from generation to generation
Ancient culture is still alive
Excellent traditional culture has never been broken
Explore the charm of intangible cultural heritage and enjoy the beauty of ancient culture.
The Art Exhibition of Shaanxi-Gansu intangible cultural heritage is now in full swing in CityOn!
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Explore intangible cultural heritage in an immersive way

01: Honor the spirit of craftsmanship Preserve the legacy
come and enjoy the art exhibition in City On
Last week, the Art Exhibition of Shaanxi-Gansu intangible cultural heritage was launched in City On.
Three modernistic exhibition areas
More than 80 pieces of intangible cultural heritage treasures.
In the modern exhibition area, the ancient cultural heritage has been revitalized.
Bringing a wonderful art feast to the city!

At the opening ceremony of the Ancient Cultural Study Program
Kids can transform into inheritors
Listening to the traditional erhu performance, watching the Heyang puppet show
And the lecturer take the kids to enjoy the exhibition
Experience the charm of traditional culture up close!

02: Handmade Intangible Cultural Heritage ---- Ancient Paper Making
Paper can store memories
Ancient papermaking is one of our precious cultural treasures.
How did the ancients create this ancient art?

This week, CityOn will bring “the little culture inheritors”
Hands-on experience of the ancient papermaking process
There will also be masters teaching the process
Sharing the story behind paper making and the essence of the craft.

Activity time: July 15, 14:30-16:00
Venue: Atrium, Gate 3, Ground Floor

03: Feeling Joy Through the Art of the Bamboo Flute
Follow the music and feel the heartbeat
The flute is the oldest Han Chinese musical instrument ever discovered.
It is also the most representative of the Han Chinese musical instruments and has the most national characteristics.
This week, CityOn will bring you a bamboo flute performance.
Come and enjoy the wonderful art of bamboo flute.

Activity time: July 15, 14:30-16:00
Venue: Atrium, Gate 3, Ground Floor

04: The discount in vacation will make you feel affordable and joyful this summer
Summer is the time of graduation
It's the only summer time, and it's also the anticipation for the future.
This summer vacation, get together with your friends
Come to CityOn to visit the Shaanxi and Gansu culture exhibition.
Start the summer food carnival.
There are more surprises and promotional activities
Let's enjoy the fun and excitement of summer vacation!

Discover the charm of history through the precious cultural heritage
Come and experience a stunning feast of non-heritage culture!