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Xi 'an must see art, thousands of years of Chang 'an met the great beauty of Dunhuang, quickly unlock Xi 'an trendy card holy land !

Weekend walk baby good place, City on child star show, interpretation of the Silk Road charm !

Thousand Years of Chang 'an Encountered Dunhuang

2024 Xidigang Celebration Celebration

Create a super cultural exhibition that brings together Dunhuang aesthetics and artistic heritage.

It has become a must-see exhibition in Xi 'an in the new spring.

3 Grand Scenery Strikes at Dunhuang

More than a thousand national treasure murals appreciate the millennium heritage

The flying sky on the mural dances lightly with the music of Dunhuang.

Travelling merchants were bustling along the Silk Road

Walking through the scene like a crossing

During the Spring Festival, you can step into Dunhuang at your doorstep.

Feel the charm of Dunhuang

This week, the city 's new rookie field will present a wonderful show to invite the whole city.

Children 's fashion show explores the future of the Silk Road.

Inherit the beauty of the East and interpret the charm of Dunhuang.

Tomorrow, come to CityOn to see the elegant and exquisite oriental splendor.
See how the trendy child stars to childlike perspective

Interpreting the charm of the Millennium Silk Road

Enjoy the strange collision between tradition and future.

Experience Hanfu culture to inherit national art

Come on cityon dialogue NPC, random interaction to receive customs clearance ultimatum

Win the mysterious Dunhuang courtesy

Xidi Port this week takes you to touch the millennium to experience Dunhuang culture.

Immerse yourself in the charm of Dunhuang

Upgraded shopping experience
CityOn and 10 branded retailers
The "Explore Dunhuang" program is a fun and interactive experience!
Win customized Dunhuang creations from CityOn.