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The sixth season of the Flower Festival in Xizi Harbor is full of spring to see a sitcom in spring

March 15, 2024   CityOn
Come with your family and feel innocence and joy in the garden of spring
Petal festival Season 6
The spring breeze comes, born to the beauty
| 2024.03.02-2024.04.06|
The first encounter in spring
CityOn Xi 'an Shopping Center

When the spring day comes through the warm sun
A sea of flowers floating in the middle of the city
Meet your spring moment in Xidi Harbor
Last week, in a sea of flowers
Xidi Port sends "the first flower of Spring"
"The first symphony of Spring" played as scheduled
"First band rendition in Spring" romantic performance
Xidi port petal festival
Romantic and wonderful
See spring in full view
8 meters of giant flowers, look up and see a whole spring
Breathing flower sensing device, immersed in the sea of flowers
A spring garden full of flowers and plants
Spring Day Pop-up florist is online
# The first scene drama of spring #
Xidi Port and well-known theatre institutions - Ho Lok Theatre, Ho Miao Art Theatre
"we are charlie," a silent drama that blends classic and innovation.
It will be staged this week in the Port of Xizi
Feel innocence and joy in the spring garden

Punch cassidy harbor petal festival
Record your Hidikang Petal Festival moments and post social ordinary
Get a limited-edition custom "Flower Sticker Pack"

Let's go! Go to spring
Depart from CityOn Hidi Harbor

Floating together in a sea of flowers