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The sixth season of the Xidi Port Petal Festival is not a spring holiday to go to a spring market feast

April 1, 2024   CityOn
Xidi Port is full of surprises and activities
Petal festival Season 6
The spring breeze comes, born to the United States
| 2024.03.02-2024.04.06|
The first encounter in spring
CityOn Xi 'an Shopping Center

The spring day is perfect and full of life
The petals drifted with the breeze
Into the flower space together
Collecting romance in the Port of Hidi
Harvest warmth and joy

Last week, the spring was like a new day
# First candlelight concert of spring # Play as scheduled
Surrounded by flowers and candlelight
The melody spreads in the space of spring
The first candlelit concert of the spring
United Xizi Port united MINI, DJI, Bawang Tea, Chao Hongji
Build the first co-branding day of Spring
Let's wake up the spring and rise to the sun

Xidi port petal festival
Look up and harvest a whole spring good time
8 meter giant flowers and a breathing flower sensor
Immerse yourself in a sea of flowers
The flowers are green and fragrant
Walk into the port of Xizi together and collect your spring fragments

Activity one
# The first fancy market of spring #
Fancy market, spring day
Small long vacation in the good market, Xi Yingchun light music bloom
This week, the Heji Port will be built in Hwa Hai
"The first fancy market of spring."
Enjoy the spring days
There is also a modern pop singer Lulu
Let all of you in the port of Xizi get involved instantly

Activity two
# The first intelligent robot match of the spring #
Xidi port for the first time organized the robot battle box programming interaction
Carry out Lobo youth programming robot competition
Double teams against each other
Display wonderful human-machine technology interaction in the space of the sea of flowers

Activity 3
# Pop-up florist #
Collect flowers and paste them on spring day
Random distribution of customized "Flower sticker pack"
Event day
Punch cassidy harbor petal festival
Record your Hidikang Petal Festival moments and post social
Get a limited number of customized "Flower Sticker packs"

Come to CityOn this spring
Enter the space where flowers and art intersect
Enjoy a romantic spring day in the sun
Immersed in a sea of flowers