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CityOn.Xi’an’s 2nd Anniversary Ceremony to “Shine with My Best Brilliance”

(April 28, 2018) CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center unveils its grand secondary anniversary ceremony with dozens of star anchorpersons coming on stage with glittering charms. Themed on “Shine with My Best Brilliance”, the anniversary ceremony is set to provide the local consumers with a magnificent shopping and leisure experience. A series of thrilling events including the “Shining” anchorperson party, the “Shining” city-wide light festival, the AR code-scanning black technology, and the “Shining” carnival music festival would be unleashed at the end of April and during May Day Holiday, together with quite a few generous sales promotions, to bring a “Shining” carnival to the local consumers who favor the trendy life.

At 5 p.m. on April 28, 2016, a team of popular anchorpersons from Shaanxi TV Station, Shaanxi Communications Radio Station FM91.6, Shaanxi Music Radio Station FM98.8 and Xi’an Music Radio Station FM93.1 started the first chapter of CityOn.Xi’an’s secondary anniversary ceremony. This team includes several star local anchorpersons like Xiao Yu, Gao Jie, and Le Xin who were ever invited to show up in CityOn.Xi’an’s grand opening ceremony back in 2016. Ten anchorpersons who gathered again on this significant occasion cheered loudly for CityOn.Xi’an’s at this memorable moment. What’s more, the team of star anchorpersons released a song dedicated to this ceremony ---- “Attitudes in CityOn” to interpret CityOn.Xi’an’s concept of vogue and quest of quality as a high-quality shopping center with international perspective. Representatives from the government, business partners, media and loyal customers bore witness to and casted a nostalgic glance at CityOn.Xi’an’s growth and changes for the last two years. At the end of the ceremony, a huge cake in honor of the secondary anniversary was cut amidst the cheerful countdown. At 8 p.m., the external square became the home to the “Shining” city-wide light festival and the carnival music festival. Since April 25, CityOn has distributed several thousand free tickets to the music festival and the subway tickets for the April 28 anniversary ceremony through free newspapers at metro stations. On the site of activity, several thousand music fans with free tickets got together to enjoy the music festival.

Over one hundred light beams, supported by the building lights, presented a dazzling world of light and shadow so that CityOn.Xi’an become the most brilliant “star” in the northern part of Xi’an. In the context of light and shadow, Time, Island Mood, and DJ and Rapper from Miami shared their musical works with all the audience to ignite the climax of this ceremony in the great excitement of music.

CityOn.Xi’an started its secondary anniversary celebration as early as April 23. With the innovative AR real-image technology, CityOn.Xi’an has integrated virtual coupons into its system. In this way, CityOn members could access all kinds of well-prepared discount coupons and gift packages merely by scanning AR real image and completing games in Alipay, add fun to the shopping experience. Consumers whose birthday falls on April 28 have a chance to get free birthday gifts at the members’ center by showing their ID cards and other valid credentials. CityOn.Xi’an also prepares the special “Shining” gift for all the members. Some gifts like cheery-blossom wooden aromatherapy product and electronic meal box are made available at the customer service desk for those e-card holders whose consumption for the day amounts to RMB2,000 and those black and gold card holders whose consumption for the day amounts to RMB428 with their sales receipts. On April 28 and 29, CityOn.Xi’an members can redeem their loyalty points for discount coupons of 17 brands. Furthermore, those e-card holders whose consumption for the day amounts to RMB200 can gain the benefit of two-hour free parking service, and those black and gold card holders can gain the benefit of two-hour free parking service through their 200 loyalty points. The e-card holders whose consumption for the day amounts to RMB200 can gain the benefit of one free courier service at SF Express service station of CityOn.Xi’an, and the black and gold card holders can directly gain the benefit of one free courier service from SF Express.

CityOn.Xi’an Shopping Center, which upholds the business philosophy of customer first, has been committed to developing into the commercial landmark in Xi’an and the Northwest China since opening. 

CityOn.Xi’an joins hands with all tenants to offer consumers an excellent shopping experience and sets a benchmark in service for the whole sector. Of the shopping centers across the country, CityOn.Xi’an can attribute its widespread attention and considerable reputation to the innovative cooperation with APP technologies, including the world’s first Didi offline experience store, the country’s first SF Express service station inside shopping center, and the first Mobike’s smart preference location in Northwest China. These new technologies enable a tight tie between CityOn.Xi’an and its nearby communities through services and new retail model so that online traffic community is successfully diverted to offline shopping center and its traffic and sales have accomplished the record high for several times during its second-year operation. This innovative attempt has harvested ICSC China’s Emerging Technology Award 2018 for CityOn.Xi’an, which is the sole shopping center in the Northwest China to be recognized by this “Oscar Award” in the sector. In addition, CityOn.Xi’an’s nursing rooms are equipped with free paper diapers and milk warmers, and are the first in the Northwest China to be officially recognized by UNICEF’s “10 Square Meters of Love” campaign. CityOn.Xi’an aims to develop into a new landmark shopping center with international and trendy perspective in Xi’an and Northwest China as a whole. Based on this brand label, CityOn.Xi’an has never swung away from the elements of fashion in each marketing campaign since its official operation, and innovatively introduced many “first” activities to local market, so the sensational effects are created at last. During its operation for the first year, CityOn.Xi’an developed the “Little Talent Camp”, the first children’s workplace experience activity in the Northwest China. This program was ever recognized by ICSC China and ICSC Asia’s Marketing Nomination Award 2017. Now CityOn.Xi’an has not merely Wangfujing Department Store, which was the first to operate in Xi’an, but more than 300 well-known fashion brands from China and abroad as well. With catering service, cinemas and all kinds of entertainment and leisurely facilities, CityOn.Xi’an provides all the consumers in Xi’an and across the Northwest China with the all-round and high-quality shopping and leisurely experience.