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5.20: Make Heart-melting Marriage Proposals in CityOn!

May 20th, which in Chinese sounds like “I love you”, has become a day for confession, marriage proposal or just displays of affection. No matter single or not, marry or not, you could encounter a sweet May 20th in CityOn this weekend when join in these following activities:

Kiss House

Take out rings and roses, making a heart-melting proposal in the special Kiss House, 

where your sweet pose could only be seen as silhouette from outside.

 Here your friends or parents could witness your love in the room while passages could share 

your love outside and take photos with your romantic silhouette. 

Venue: CityOn L1, in front of CC-jewel


Mysterious Marriage Proposal

Have you imagined that one day a boy may come to you with ring box and flowers in hands and love in heart, 

kneeling down and asking “would you marry me”?

 On the May 20th, a mysterious confession video will be shown on the LED screen.

 What will happen next? Come to CityOn and find mysterious marriage proposal by the boy in the video.


Venue: CityOn L1, in front of CC-jewel


Volunteer Newsy

On May 20th, couples could confess their love.

On May 21st, maybe children could show their love to their dad and mom.

In CityOn, every child could become one-day newsy and earn money through selling newspapers.

 Then they could buy a gift for their parents with the money.