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CityOn.Xi’an Introduces the First Offline Didi Store

Innovation in O2O and New Retail 
Building the Creative Concept of Shopping Mall Community 
Zhengzhou, China, June 27, 2017- CityOn. Xi’an Shopping Center has recently introduced the first offline Didi Store, first of its kind in China. This store is the first offline physical store of Didi’s online credit store, and it’s one of CityOn’s core strategies to explore the retailing business and build community public service zone. Didi ChuXing is the biggest online car-hailing platform with millions of active users. As a top-ranked shopping malls in Xi’an, CityOn is dedicated to bringing first-to-market innovative activities and experience to local customers. The cooperation with Didi is the collaboration between strong players in the respective areas, and a combination of new retailing business concept and the Internet Plus economy to enhance the experience of both offline and online customers with creativity and innovation.

Didi users can earn “Didi Credit” from each trip via Didi Chuxing, for contribution in energy conservation and emission reduction. And these credit points could be redeemed at Didi’s online credit store for various gift items. To enrich both offline and online customers’ experience, sales promotions and e-coupons from CityOn.Zhengzhou will also be listed in Didi’s online credit store for redeem. It means customers can use redeem “Didi Credit” for a cup of coffee, a toy or an experiential service. This form of consumption using virtual currencies not only brings customers more choices and increase shopping satisfaction, but also helps tenants in the mall advertise their products and services through Didi’s online platform. The cooperation connects online surfing with offline shopping experience.

The Didi store will be located on the ground floor. Since the store launch on June 21, crowds of people have queued to query or redeem credits. The store is decorated in orange, same color as in Didi’s logo. Mini traffic lights, sidewalk and traffic signs are also set up surrounding the booth. Many customers said it was more convenient to exchange the gifts in CityOn experiential store than from various different stores. Some noted that it was the first time for them to know the Didi credits could be redeemed for so many different gifts from over 200 stores at CityOn.Xi’an.
One senior executive from CityOn.Xi’an said the cooperation would be expanded overtime to cover further areas. More products and services would be offered via the store to Didi users and the customers of CityOn. Meanwhile, also at the store, CityOn.Xi’an’ customer service staff will assist the customers to hail cars via Didi. This service could have world-of-mouth effect among Didi users and attract more cars to the mall for customers. All of this will create a one-stop, comprehensive and high-quality shopping experience. And with experience generated through the pilot program at CityOn.Xi’an, Didi Chuxing is to apply this model to other cities across the country.