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Three, Two, One, Happy New Year, 2018!


CityOn. Xi’an shopping center offers a series of programs to welcome the upcoming new year, the year of dog, 2018.

We invite you, our dearest friends, to participate in this Lucky Shopping Bazaar at CityOn. You would not be disappointed at these offerings.

Lucky Shopping Bazaar with Cute Mascots for Your New Year’s Shopping Jag.

1. Music on CityOn Planet

Which one do you prefer? Traditional songs or popular ones?

CityOn prepares a music performance which will be presented by two groups of singers.

This is a battle between chick-style and nostalgic-style.

But no matter which one is your favorite, may you leave all the
regrets, sadness and depressions behind in 2017 in the company of beautiful melodies.

January First, the music carnival is waiting for your participation in the front of H&M, F1, CityOn.

2. Shopping Party on CityOn Planet

Welcome to land our planet and to find your own place on this planet.

On CityOn planet could all the customers find their favorites.

Food, costumes, brands, and even a new mood.

Let us redefine your new year at the shopping bazaar, at which the mascots of 2018, cute dogs, have also been invited.

CityOn Planet, a warm place never lets you feel lonely any more.