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A romantic journey starts from here, the Christmas Magic Box of CityOn. Xi’an.

CityOn. Xi’an will kick off 2018 Christmas party in advance.
Now the countdown has begun for this grand event.

Unbox Magic Christmas, a wish machine for girls.
CityOn makes the most dazzling Christmas tree of the north of Xi’an and it will become the most attractive. 
Lucky star is not seen everywhere, but at CityOn.
The Christmas Magic Box will break the space barrier and appear at CityOn.
An eye-catching Dream Tour of Christmas Magic Box will be unveiled. 
The glorious light of the Magic Box is in tune with the fashion of CityOn, which will make CityOn as a well-known landmark during Christmas festival in Xi’an.

The Light Ceremony starts the Christmas Festival.
As a veteran shopper, you must have lined up for the H&M X MOSCHINO joint design and seen the Jingdong Pop-Up Store.
But have you ever seen the Christmas light ceremony at CityOn?
This year, CityOn will break the regular rules and bring the most romantic light ceremony.
I bet you do not want to miss it. 
Time: November 24, 2018

Dance for Christmas dream
The light ceremony is the beginning of the Christmas Carnival.
And the Christmas Magic Box means CityOn will be a place where wishes and dreams could be realized.
You can make a wish to the magic box, as well as children can show their talent to welcome the arrival of the most romantic festival of the year!
Time: November 25, 2018

In addition to the above events and fantastic stories, CityOn prepare lots of surprises and gifts for you.
Join us, light your Christmas and start the dream journey.