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Ancient costume show puts on at CityOn and brings you back to the Han&Tang Dynasty

The opening ceremony of "Shining performance of ancient costume" spreads the idea of protecting the environment.
Meanwhile, the ancient costume show sparkles Xi’an residents’ interests in traditional Chinese clothing.

Ancient Clothing Show at CityOn
Haven't seen enough ancient TV drama?
This time, CityOn launches an ancient clothing show to meet customers’ requests.

March 30- March 31

CityOn. Xi’an ✘ Zui Qing Cheng
This is an unplugged show that customers see models walking the runway in an old fashion style.
New tricks bring customers back to Han and Tang dynasty in one second.
CityOn prepares 5 shows on each day.
Just save your phone battery to take pictures.

12:00am 、2:00pm

Ancient style dance
If you're a big fan of archaic dance, you must not miss the dancing show this weekend.
This is a perfect timing to enjoy the beauty of ancient dances.
Five ancient dance performances one day and for two days one week
1:00pm 3:00pm
520pm 6:20pm 8:20pm

Mysterious gifts for CityOn members
Customers take part in the launching event of “Shining performance of ancient costume” have opportunity to win mysterious gifts on March 30 and March 31.