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The Fantastic Animals Exhibition will be held at CityOn

June 25, 2021   CityOn

Remember the Fantastic Animals exhibition that was staged at CityOn last year?

The second exhibition was also held at CityOn this year, allowing customers to experience nature.

  Must come to this exhibition this summer, all kinds of animals are amazing!


This year's exhibition is the same as last year's? NO!

Rainforest exploration is divided into four exhibition areas: super cute things, fairy birds, tropical rain forests, happy pastures, and popular science exhibitions. Rain forest landscapes are waiting for you!

Not only to watch but also to interact

Customers who come to the exhibition can have close contact with the animals in the CityOn. This is the first interactive experience in Xi'an where you can visit raccoons, meerkats, and kangaroos at the same time! And all without any fence, you can touch and feed at will!

More than one exhibition hall

Take pictures and receive gifts!
Fantasy rainforest, desert storm, grassland walk, tree of life, 4 venues with many amazing animals

Visitors can have close contact with raccoons, meerkats, and a 12-meter-long Tyrannosaurus rex fossil outside the venue, reminiscent of the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago.


The colorful color-changing high-crowned chameleon will be exhibited for the first time in Xi'an!


Watch the beetle battle and have the opportunity to participate in making exquisite insect specimens



SYMBOLE series "Evil Eyes"

Graffiti small tote bag

Create a dazzling look to show the colorful colors of summer!

Gold Supreme Jewelry with discount

Microsoft staff will come to Yanjiyou

Chao Xiaobo is a senior lecturer in the Northwest District of Microsoft. He has 10 years of senior training experience and national first-level trainer certification. He will explain the new features and usage skills of Microsoft 365.