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Dinosaur skeletons are on display at CityOn and venues of oceans, deserts, forests, and grasslands are waiting for you!

July 2 2021   CityOn

Oceans, deserts, forests and grasslands, customers can see all these landscapes in the various exhibition halls of CityOn and amazing animals will also be exhibited too!


A 12-meter-high dinosaur skeleton will be transported to CityOn and watching it will make you marvel at the fantasy of Jurassic! If you look closely, you will find artificial insects around it.


How to have an exhibition ticket?


Go to the fantasy rainforest venue to listen carefully to the sounds of nature!

Go to the desert venue to observe the living conditions of the animals!

Go to the Heart of the Sea venue to interact with marine life!

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CC Camry / Carpenter Tan

New Product: Inlaid tooth comb 【Lotus】


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