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Let's go to CityOn to see animals and have a jungle adventure!

July 9, 2021   CityOn

Let's go to CityOn to see animals and have a jungle adventure!

Giant dinosaur skeleton

We have established a real life science park in CityOn, which includes Jungle, desert, grassland, ocean, and other venues for customers to explore.

We invite you to explore the mysterious and huge insect site.

Prototypes of popular characters Ding Man and Peng Peng in the Disney Lion King: Meerkat and Warthog!

Visitors can interact more closely with animals.

How to get tickets?

Come and explore the animal park with your children and experience a different summer vacation!

New store opens and coupons!

Amazing master Bao's Crispy Pork Floss with Fresh Peppers.

GAP—Popeye T-shirt!

BA accessories—a headband perfect for summer!

Gold:—The elegant shape of flowers is restored by hand-made sand surface technology, and then dazzling diamonds are embellished.


APM—The new ROMA series, ancient Roman style accessories are unique.

Just looking at them can make people feel good at summer.

OPPO Reno6 is newly listed and has a great appearance.

‘Smell Library’-a well-known domestic perfume scent library

"She Ya Style" Still worrying about her hair style? Come here!

Vans—Street Fashion