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The Animal Exhibition #Secrete Realm2.0# Opening together with Insects Show!

July 16, 2021   CityOn

Do you want to see the interesting scene of the insect war?
Looking forward to playing with cute animals?
Or are you worried about not knowing where to take your children during summer vacation?
The animal exhibition #Secret Realm 2.0# is opening now at CityOn, come and have fun here!

Giant dinosaur skeleton and six completely different scenes!
It's like a nature classroom full of fun and joy. Everyone can experience nature immersively.

Special Insects Program
Watch insects fight, learn how to make your own insect specimens, let go of thousands of butterflies, etc.



There are many new stores opening in CityOn!


Use the unique folding technique of dough for daily baking

It has a double taste of crispy and inner tenderness, which is fresh and sweet in one bite.

BA accessories

The first BA store in the Northwest has dozens of ornamental walls, tens of thousands of exquisite ornaments at affordable prices.

Mover-Fashion Items
Banu Maodu Hot Pot-The most popular hot-pot restaurant in Xi'an.

Master Bao-the popularity and reputation is definitely worth for it

 Thai Basmati Rice-Thai food is definitely one of the great choices in summer! The mixed taste of hot, sour, salty, and sweet can definitely give you a special taste.

Dida Taxi red envelope

1. Anta
2. Space Garden Party