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New Animals in #Secret Realm# - Warthog and Meerkat

July 23, 2021   CityOn

All the children in Xi'an want to come to CityOn's #secret Realm#Animal Exhibition!

First Northwest Exhibition of Meerkats and Warthogs

 They are the actor in the Disney film Lion King!

 Prototypes of Peng Peng and Ding Man: Meerkats and Warthogs will show in CityOn.

 This is the first time these two animal friends have shown in Xi'an

 Let us go to CityOn this weekend!


 Meerkat from the Kalahari Desert, South Africa, looks petite and stupid.


And the warthogs from African looks strange with sharp fangs


 The Secret Realm Ticket 


A package ticket for an adult together with a child only costs 58! 




1. DW


DANIEL WELLINGTON 3 new products


It's a new journey in the second half of the year with DW


QUADRO series "Generous Watch"


Outstanding look, retro and fashionable, which is a must-have item!


Hand-pressed wheat ear metal-braided strap


The texture is delicate and full of details

 2. Charles Keith

 Charles Keith Chinese Valentine's Day Limited Gift Box.


This will be a girl's 'heart catcher' gift!


3. Starbucks

 Since Qixi Festival is mentioned, I can’t talk about the Mid-Autumn Festival that immediately follows

 Starbucks Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift Box is on sale!

 4. JUAN Tea

 The best way to cool off in summer is definitely a mouthful of ice watermelon!



 A safe and practical schoolbag is absolutely indispensable for children's new semester

 The new series of FILA KIDS upright lumbar spine schoolbags can improve support and comfort, and take care of children's spine health!

6. DIDA Taxi Red Packet