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CityOn Fighting with COVID-19!


Recently, COVID-19 has spread again in China. CityOn is very concerned about the health of customers, so we have taken the following measures:

(1) To protect the health of every customer, we clean and disinfect CityOn Mall, parking lots and some public areas every 2 hours


(2) Employees wear masks, measure infrared temperature and update their health codes every day

These actions have become everyone’s habit since last winter. We will continue to provide customers with a more secure shopping environment.


(3) Fresh air system

We clean and disinfect the air-conditioning filter and install ultraviolet disinfection lamps to reduce the chance of infection

These measures can reduce the density of pathogens and reduce inhaled sexual transmission so that customers can breathe fresh air in the mall.


(4) Ensure the health of employees

All shop assistants and project employees in the mall will complete vaccination and nucleic acid testing

This is not only to ensure the safety and health of every employee, but also to be responsible for customers


In the fight against COVID-19, there will be many difficulties and troubles, but as long as we take all the measures, we don’t have to worry too much.

As the Qixi Festival is approaching, an exquisite gift must be indispensable in love. 

Come to CityOn and pick a gift that can express your heart for your lover.



1. Shining house

There are also limited-time special offers for Tanabata and VIP salon parties

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2. Carpenter Tan

Carpenter Tan Poetry Charm Pointed Tooth Comb Series


Belle Whale Shoes Fully Upgraded 2.0 Whale Leap Series Debut


4. Peacebird men's clothing

PEACEBIRD MEN joins hands with the super-popular anime "Demon Slayer: Blade" to launch a new collaboration series for Fall 2021