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Special Shopping Plan for Qixi Festival in CityOn


This weekend is the Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine's Day)
It is definitely a wise choice to prepare a special gift for your lover
But how to choose gifts and prepare for a date? Let CityOn reveal the answer for you

We will conduct strict epidemic prevention and control measures during the Qixi Festival in CityOn 


C.Comeliness jewelry show: shop the most beautiful jewelry to express your heart boldly to your lover!

You can also spend the Tanabata Festival with your beloved at C.Comeliness Art Museum!


Incorporating the "knot and hair" gift of traditional Chinese weddings into the design, creating a knot-lock series of jewels full of Chinese romance. This should be the best gift for the Qixi Festival.



UR /BASTO/COACH/Vans/15mins/LiNing

 Lucky Draw


There are many Tanabata surprises waiting for you at CityOn

It is highly recommended to come to CityOn for shopping with your lover on the Qixi Festival