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Love is all around CityOn on May 20! Pick Gifts and Get Blind Boxes for free!

May 19, 2022   CityOn
Blind Box of Love

Love is all around CityOn!

Who is the first person you want to express your love for on May 20? Is it your lover, or your friend, or yourself?

CityOn Exclusive May 20 Limited Blind Box 

Different way of showing love

Join the CityOn membership now, leave a message at the end of the article, and tell us your love story.

Leave a message for CityOn to get a blind box for free

We will randomly select 5 couples among the message customers and send them blind boxes

Location: CityOn CityOn Gate 1 Atrium   
Time: May 20, 18:00-22:00

Blind Box of 520 Love

How do you express "I love you" in words?

Express your love with a song at CityOn.

Location: CityOn Gate 1 Atrium

Time: May 20, 18:00-21:00


Exclusive 520 blind box for CityOn memberships only 

Log in to the CityOn Mini Program to shop with membership points

Time: May 20 -May 21 10:00-22:00  


520 jewelry blind box



Jewelry shopping 3000 yuan off 100 yuan, spend 6000 yuan off 200 yuan, a single purchase up to 200 yuan off

When: May 20 - May 22 


520 beauty blind box



Purchase Sephora 1000 yuan off 100 yuan, shopping 2000 yuan off 200 yuan, a single purchase up to 200 yuan off

Time: May 20 - May 22  

Wangfujing 520 discount - 100 yuan off for purchase of cosmetics over 520 yuan
Use the China Merchants Bank APP to buy 380 yuan vouchers and get a 500 yuan deduction.

Time: May 18 - May 22



Enjoy a meal with your loved one at CityOn!

Leave a message at the end of the article and get blind boxes for free.