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'Summer Escape' ! To get out of the heat!

June 24   CityOn
'Summer Escape' ! To get out of the heat!

In this hot summer day with a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, the heart of Xi'an people who want to vacation has become more and more irrepressible. Want to get away from the crowds? Want to avoid the unbearable heat and sticky heat waves? Then come to CityOn and start the 'Summer Escape'!


Wild camping

Go into the mountains and enjoy the natural breeze, go to the beach to take advantage of the cool sea breeze to blow away the summer heat, drink a bottle of cold beer, and look up at the brilliant galaxy.

Go to the beach and enjoy the summer days in the sun and sea breeze.

Friends, beer, street, evening breeze

Moving melodies, romantic summer nights,

Sip a glass and enjoy a refreshing drink,

Leave all your worries behind.

Points for gifts, a variety of good gifts waiting for you

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city on a hot summer day, embark on an escape journey, listen to insects and birds on the greenest grassy mountains, enjoy the breeze on the cool seashore, drink with friends, and forget your troubles.

Dear customers, where are you going to go next 'Summer Escape'?