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CityOn Member Carnival & Sports Challenge

50% off on Catering, Single's Day Sale Starts

Stay at home is too boring, why not take the children to exercise, to participate in CityOn Member Carnival & the first member Sports Challenge

Activities include: roller curling, obstacle shooting, fun Caterpillar, fun parent-child challenge and more. Players will also receive a selection of children's gifts


The dry land Curling Challenge is the most popular Winter Olympic Games, the children are very enthusiastic about it

Let the children experience teamwork freely and feel the joy of the challenge


Obstacle shooting challenge: move with children, train their will to go through obstacles, and let bodies stimulate great energy


The Fun Caterpillar Challenge

Caterpillar Relay -- a concerted push forward

Exercise the children's sense of teamwork, enjoy the joy of the game


The Singles' Day sale begins



Wear trendy items together

The fashion thing, the dress guide

Children's clothing, daily goods



Household Items




Catering at 50% Discounts

Shopping guide for Double Eleven