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An authoritative effort is made to create a "The Fourth Season of Bustling Chang'an—Beautiful Dunhuang,Praying for Blessings at New Year". The grotto art classics dating back 1600 years represent the Buddha's shadow praying for blessings.

A Dunhuang ancient city in the shopping center is built to recreate grotto art classics with the history of 1600 years!
The fourth season of Bustling Chang'an will return. For the first time, CityOn brings back the mysterious treasure---Dunhuang culture on the Silk Road to Xi'an.

Revitalize the vitality of 2023 and arouse everyone's wishes and expectations for a better life in the new year.

It is an authoritative effort to build and reproduce grand and beautiful Dunhuang. Cooperation with China Dunhuang Art Museum, Silk Road Art Heritage Research Institute of Northwest University, and Shaanxi University of Science and Technology was made to create this long-awaited cultural feast.

An ancient city of Dunhuang was built in the shopping center to reproduce the artistic treasures with a history of 1600 years. This ancient city integrates Dunhuang artistic features, architectural styles and Buddhist culture, and reproduce the ancient civilization of Dunhuang culture.

Perfect reproduction to reappear classics, light and shadow interweaving to experience fantastic and dreamlike Dunhuang.
"Exhibition Area of Classic Replicas", "Exhibition Area of Dunhuang Clay Tablet Mural", "Exhibition Area of Liuleng Xiangfu Mural", "Exhibition Area Dunhuang Digital Items"

Master was invited to make exclusive professional explanation.
Professor Yue Yu, the chief artist of the Institute of Religious Artistic Modeling and Institute of Silk Road of Northwest University, was invited to give an authoritative academic explanation of Dunhuang culture of "The Fourth Season of Bustling Chang'an—Beautiful Dunhuang,Praying for Blessings at New Year"

Fashion Show with the Theme of "Beautiful Dunhuang"
On the day of the opening ceremony, a fashion show with the theme of "Beautiful Dunhuang" in front of the pavilion of the ancient city of Dunhuang was held.

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