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The fourth season of “Bustling Chang’an ” will return! Silk Road, dream back to Dunhuang!

Reproduction of Dunhuang art classics

The fourth season of “Bustling Chang’an”
Beautiful Dunhuang,Praying for Blessings at New Year
Dunhuang Culture Art Exhibition

Travel through the Hexi Corridor, enjoy the magnificent scenery of Dunhuang Grottoes and feel historical atmosphere
Ten major exhibition areas were set to highly restore the style of Dunhuang ancient city with 1600-year-old art classics by cooperation.
①The Ancient City of Dunhuang
A glimpse of the magnificent Dunhuang and the vast history

Exhibition Area of Liuleng Xiangfu Mural;
Exhibition Area of Classics Replicas

①“Exhibition Area Dunhuang Digital Items”
listen to the "Buddha tone" by wearing earphones as appreciate Dunhuang digital hi-fi art works
②"Exhibition Area of Dunhuang Clay Tablet Mural",

①Dunhuang Ancient City pavilions
Look up at the nine-story pavilion to experience longstanding history and culture
② Dunhuang Caves
③ pay respect for Buddha and pray for good luck and take pictures by the Crescent Spring
make the connection with remote Dunhuang in the desert scene
walk out of the magnificent cave buildings, enjoy the beautiful frescoes and painted sculptures, and stop at the Crescent Spring to watch this romantic oasis in the desert

①illusory fairy music and flying clothes
The flying Apsaras of Dunhuang located in the atrium are light and graceful, overlooking all living things and showing an artistic encounter.
② A large-scale Dunhuang folk dance drama
Graceful performance by CCTV professional dance team makes the audience feel like in the world of murals.

Make graffiti by Dunhuang caisson pulp, watch Apsaras dancers cosplay performance
Make a real Dunhuang caisson art painting by yourself, and travel around Dunhuang with Apsaras dancers.

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