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Limited red envelope cover! Celebrate the Xi'an New Year in CityOn, pray for the New Year in Dunhuang, and realize your ambition!


Great Beauty of Dunhuang

Praying for the New Year


Hustle and bustle of Changan Have boundless prospects

In the childhood, the Spring Festival was a sumptuous New Year's dinner

When grow up, it is a reunion with families.

Celebrate the traditional Xi'an New Year in CityOn in 2023

Enjoy the strong atmosphere of the year also feel hustle and bustle with your family.

Red Envelope Cover of "Great Beauty of Dunhuang and Praying for the New Year"

Snatch in limited quantity, everyone but who send red envelopes we can not let down.

If you can express your feelings with red envelopes. Just don't send them Happy New Year in stead.



Enjoying the Flourishing Age  Realize your ambitions

The first day of the Lunar New Year

Lions sing the tide, pray for the blessings and celebrate the New Year, also cut the auspicious word "Fu".

The second day of the Lunar New Year

Making the New Year’s wreath

The third day of the Lunar New Year

Flourishing Music and Dance, Flying Apsaras Music and Dance Drama, Movable Type Printing Manual Experience

The fourth day of the Lunar New Year

Dunhuang Fan-Painting

The fifth day of the Lunar New Year

Ancient rhyme and new sound_______Chinese New Year Concert

Dunhuang Civilization Story Class

Pulp Painting about Jade Hare-the moonof New Year

The sixth day of the Lunar New Year

Lantern DIY about Jade Hare-the moonof New Year 

Dunhuang Civilization Story Class-Lecture 3