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@all! CityOn Trendy New Release Show! A spring dressing extravaganza in a sea of flowers!


Spring is full of vitality for a new lease of life.

CityOn invites the whole city to enjoy the spring show.

With temperatures soaring in Xi'an,

 it's time to wake up your spring wardrobe and find some spring outfit inspiration.

CityOn has teamed up with eight clothing brands in the venue to create a spring fashion show for you.

You can get the same style in the store for every carefully selected new outfit.

Properly entered with eyes closed.

A new city,  ' flower ' is beautiful

" Qixin " trend new product release show

Location : First floor FILA corridor

Date: 11 March

New spring outfit refresh.

CityOn launches a vibrant spring fashion show in collaboration with international fashion retail brands to wake up to the trends of 2023.

Take the lead in unlocking Spring LOOK.

The real art flower exhibition presents the whole city

Location : First floor FILA corridor

Duration: 8 March - 16 April

CityOn moves into the spring garden for an immersive experience of the intense early spring atmosphere.

Trace the flow of the seasons in colour and flowers.

Come and pursue the new spring day with Xiaoxi.

On-site real-life art flower show ~

Meet Spring,

 the start of a whole year of harvesting goodness.

Painting Nature, Painting with Beauty

The Way of Still Colors Oil Painting Exhibition

Using oil paintings to make the city breathe.

Blowing flowers and breezes from the mountains into the buildings.

The Way of Still Colors - Xu Shangzhi Oil Painting Exhibition

Xu Shangzhi Member of Xi'an Oil Painting Association Professional painter

Mr. Xu's paintings always evoke the feeling of spring when everything comes back to life.

Flowing clouds of swirling reeds,

 a river sparkling in the sunset.

This is not only a great place to see beautiful works of art,

but also a great place to take a photo.

Random shots are full of literary sense of spring blockbuster.

Don't miss it, girls!

Ci Spring Party, Awakening Romance

The season when everything comes back to life,

live with a sense of ritual and make life qualitative.

A wonderful inspiration for different fabrics,

the fusion of various colours of silk threads,

interwoven in gorgeous romantic flowers.


The spring has come, the beautiful scenery has arrived,

and what reason is there not to integrate into this spring ?

With Xiao Xi,

 spring is full of vitality for a new lease of life.

More surprises to unlock in store~

Xiao Xi Interactive TIME

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