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The 7th anniversary of the store heavy preview! The first large-scale Qin culture theme immersion exhibition is coming!


Subject: Seven years of glory, the Qin tide is rising 

--Seventh Anniversary Countdown 6 days

Time flies, 

Seven years of companionship

more than 2,000 days and nights

cherish theXi' in the heart,

A privilege to walk with you

28 April

CityOn 's seventh anniversary is about to be launched

"Seven years of glory, the Qin tide is rising"

The country's first Qin culture theme immersion exhibition is coming!

Click on the door of the Qin dynasty and travel through history with CityOn, 

exploring the past of the Qin dynasty and the present of the Qin dynasty.

Welcome back to the Qin Dynasty

2023 A.D., 

through the tides of history, 

the Qin Dynasty is back, and CityOn is launching "The Miracle Qin Dynasty",

 a 1,000-kilometer journey to discover the Qin Dynasty, 

tracing the origins of Qin culture across five provinces in Shaanxi and Gansu.

CityOn The pilot film of the "Documentary Visit - The Quest for the Qin Dynasty" is a sneak preview

Five major exhibition areas, an immersive exploration of ‘Qin Dynasty Qi Xi’

Check In 01 gate of the Qin Dynasty, General Terracotta Warriors Now

Location: Atrium, Gate 3, Ground Floor

The eighth wonder of the world - Xi 'an Terracotta Warriors 

Deeply hidden for thousands of years, once appeared, world famous

"Miracle Qin Tide" jointly named  "THIS ARMY This is the figurine"

Jointly create a giant trendy IP "General Terracotta" matrix

Six "Terracotta Warriors of Qin Culture" stand at the gates of the Great Qin

Waiting for you to check in!

'Qin', 'Peace', 'Great Work', 'Great Wall', 'plump', 'Wonderful Signs'

Guess what ' Qin ' elements their inspiration comes from ?

Check In 02  Qin trend straight    Qin Dynasty know

Location: Gate 3 to FILA Lounge

Step into the super, super, super long 'Qin Zhi Dao'

It's like entering a time warp

One Step in History One Step in Memory

Back to 'Spring and Autumn Figures' and 'Warring States Past'

When exploring the Qin Straight Road

There is also a chance to meet General Meng Tian and join him on his parade!

Check In 03   Great Qin War Drums,  Qin Brief Prayer

Location :FILA  Lounge, 1st Floor

The drums of war sound, the soul of the army stands

Drumming and singing, shouting with majestic energy

The flag is flying and the determination to win is blowing

You can also pick up a drumstick and experience drumming

An immersive experience not to be missed!

Check In  04   The Beauty of Qin Characters, Hundreds of Seal Carvings

Location: 1st floor IDO Lounge

Small Seal Script, also known as "Qin Seal Script"

The beauty of its glyphs

A naturalistic chapter with a dignified ending

In the Forest of the Hundred Family Names in Qin Seal Script

Appreciating the fascination of Chinese writing culture

Come and find your family name at the Forest of 100 Family Names

You can also learn to write your family name in small seal script on the spot!

Check In 05   The sound of the ancient zither in the memory of Chu

Mi Yue, the Empress Dowager of Qin

The first person in Chinese history to be called "Empress Dowager"

Listen to Mi Yue play the ancient zither

A journey through her legendary life in a homesick Qin song

Three major historical figures of Qin, an interactive scenario 'Dreaming of the Qin Dynasty'

Searching for a thousand-year old cultural imprint of the Great Qin

Dialogue with a famous person in the history of the Great Qin

Interacting with three major figures in Qin history

An immersive experience of Qin Dynasty celebrities

Qin Chao live-action drama interpretation time: 4.28 - 5.1

13:00 - 20:00   6 sessions per day

The Sequestration of Meng Tian

At the 'General Monty's Investiture'

See how he rewarded his troops for their success in battle

Interaction with General Monty Python

And the chance to be awarded a token!

Chu in the memory of Mi Bazi

Sending thoughts with the ancient zither

The sound of the ancient zither played by "Mi Bazi" when she first entered the Qin dynasty

Can you hear the homesickness in it?

" Mi Bazi " reproduces the interactive short drama of " Bazi Fuqin " 

There is also an opportunity to play Qin music with her!

The Little Seal of Li Si

With the sound of hymns

The entrance of Li Si, Prime Minister of Qin

He was the "person responsible" for the unification of writing in the Qin dynasty

He is the right person to talk to about "Small Seal Script Culture"!

You can also write in Qin seal script with Li Si on site!

The Great Qin Jin Xi, Continuing the Legend

Countdown to 6 days

CityOn  invites you to start this

The Great Qin Crossing

28 April - 3 May

Seventh Anniversary Celebration, "Xi" is full of gravity

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