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Come to CityOn,directly hit the tide children fashion show,experience the creative jewelry salon and awaken your spring fashion DNA!


Spring On is coming to life with light

April is a time for flowers

Capturing springtime in full bloom

A beautiful spring encounter in the swaying light of spring

Take advantage of the spring colours

Come to CityOn and embrace the flowers and enjoy the spring!

Go straight to the trendy children's show in spring

"Blossom" children's themed show review

Last week, the "Blossom" children's fashion show at CityOn has a wonderful ending!

The children stride with confidence

Walk through the flowery showroom

Pulling the trend out of the bag

Showing off your own cutting-edge, pioneering fashion

On stage, they are shining hip stars

Off stage, they are the babies of their parents

Every step you take is a step of growth

Every moment of life is a stage

Take a look at the famous scene at this show!

Fancy Pleasure, She Has Her Own Light


 "She has her own light" Jewellery Salon

TIME: 15 April

ADD: 6th floor VIP meeting room

Time is silent, waiting for the flowers to bloom

Time never rests, love becomes poetry

Every fingertip rhythm

All the tenderness of the first time I saw you


‘She has her own light’ Jewellery Salon at CityOn

GET a piece of your own elegance

Keeping the movement on your wrist

Surrounding yourself with refinement

Spring Fun GO, Happy FOLLOW

Opening the Spring Gift

The sun is shining and the breeze is not dry

Go on a spring date

Be a fashionable hunter

Dress up your spring style



The poetry and romance of early spring

In the spring breeze at 22°C

Join us for a romantic getaway with CityOn

Living up to this beautiful April day