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Mother's Day - Handmade incense pouches, Qin Jian praying for blessings, CityOn guarding her love


Seven years of glory, the Qin tide is rising

May Day Holiday Celebrates 7th Anniversary of CItyOn

"The First Qin Culture Themed Immersion Exhibition in China"

The show attracted many fans and friends to come

and join Xiao Xi on a journey through the Qin tide

Qin tidal wave hits ancient capital

Wonderful moments under the shutter

5 Immersive scene of Qin culture theme

Reproduction of Qin history culture

Interactive interpretation of 3 major Qin historical figures

Dialogue with the ancient and modern world

Small Seal Script Class, Terracotta Warriors DIY, Terracotta Warriors Paper-cutting,

an in-depth immersive experience of ‘Qin Folk Art’

There is nothing better than making a wish

In the "Qin Jian Blessing" area,

friends from all over the world made their wishes for 2023

Xiao Xi also wish you all the best of luck and

hope you get everything you wish for.

Full of affirmation between the lines

With heart, always be seen

No matter where you are in CityOn,

you can feel the sincerity of this exhibition of Qin culture

We've had a lot of positive feedback from all platforms!

Xiao Xi see it !

2023, In the Name of Love, Hee Heart Company

In the early summer breeze,

we celebrated another Mother's Day

Mother, with whom we are born and with whom we live

The ties of childhood,

the occasional rebellion of adolescence

and the drifting apart of adulthood are innate

 and cannot be broken apart by the years.

Hand-made incense pouches to thank your mother for her kindness

The aura of a scented bag that has survived the millennia

The art of incense pouches has been passed down to this day as a traditional culture from ancient times

A small scented bag that contains an infinite amount of love in a small space

Come to CityOn with your mum on Mother's Day

The love that I could not say to her

 is conveyed in a hand-made scented bag with a needle and thread.

「Mother's Infinite Love: A Prayer for the Blessings of Qin Jian」

Event time: 14 May at 14:00

Event Venue: Atrium, Gate 3, 1st Floor

After making incense pouches for your mother,

 you can write down your best wishes for your mother on the spot,

praying for her health, happiness and youth.

General's Parade in honour of Mother's Day

Event date: 14 May

Venue: Gate 3 to the FILA Corridor

Mother's Day Special Gift

Qin Dynasty famous general ' Meng Tian General ', Prime Minister ' Lord Li Si ', 

Empress Dowager Xuan ' Mi Ba Zi ' and a number of soldiers

Will be together in the " Qin Zhidao " tour,

and they interact with the opportunity to be granted tokens !

Bring your mother along and check in!

Selected with care and pampered with heart

Love should be expressed in time

This Mother's Day, choose a gift for your mother

Give your mother the blessing

and warmth of a dazzling ornament to show her that she is strong and soft,

and that she is worth it.


May is full of love and gratitude for mothers

Come and give your mother an unforgettable holiday memory at CityOn~