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Father's Day, the "Qin" to accompany! Come to CityOn to experience the Qin armor "men's clothing"


Qin Feng accompanies the father's love

A father's love is like a mountain and a sea, covering the wind and the rain

Father's love is like armor, firm and majestic

This exclusive father's day

Come to CityOn to experience the charm of Qin culture

Experience the majestic charm of the armor

Give your father a sense of ritual!

CityOn city new showground fashion explosion attracted the attention of the city

June 10

Qin Embroidery Awards" Qin Style Embroidery Costume Show

Staged at CityOn 

Nearly 100 sets of innovative Qin style costumes

A Qin embroidery feast will be recreated

When the thousand-year-old Qin embroidery culture collides with today's fashion

A new show with unique inspiration

Using the traditional Qin embroidery as the base color

with bold colors and exaggerated silhouettes

A retro and fashionable avant-garde atmosphere

Under the stunning performance of professional models

The show site vibrates the hearts of people

Attracted many audiences to take photos

The admiration was incessant and aroused warm attention

Pray for high school entrance exams and wish students success

The end of a life experience called "college entrance exam"

Many candidates and parents made their wishes in front of the blessing board of the college entrance examination at CityOn.

The prayer board was filled with sincere wishes from parents,

 confident candidates, and important friends.

Every word carries countless beliefs and hopes

Young people are not afraid of the long years, there is still glory on the other side

CityOn wishes that every wish will come true!

Qin Feng accompanies the father's love

A father's love is as strong and majestic as armor

The deepest love but not expressed

Father's Day, CityOn will open

"Qin Armor World" Armor Dressing Interactive Experience

In the name of love, enjoy a happy parent-child time with your father

Event time: June 18 (15:00-20:00)

Event Venue: Atrium, Gate 3, 1st floor

Lecture and Performing Arts

Why did the soldiers line up in formation first in ancient battles?

How much do you know about the infantry formations 

and columns of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States and the great Qin soldiers?

How did the Qin army that unified the world line up its troops?

When we talk about the Art of War, what exactly are we talking about?

On June 18, Mr. Li Jiang, who has shared his performance in CCTV's National School Variety Show

Mr. Li Jiang, who has shared his performance in CCTV's national education variety show,

 will give a lecture at CityOn

Infantry formation, formation, and knowledge of the art of war of the Spring and Autumn Warring States and the Great Qin

Everything you want to know, you can discuss with Mr. Li Jiang on the spot!

Armor Making

How was the "man's clothing" of the pre-Qin era, the armor, made?

CityOn will invite Mr. Li Jiang, a representative figure of Xi'an's armor non-traditional

to teach the production of armor pieces on site

Bring you close to the armor

Experience the beauty of armor history and culture and the art of armor making

You can also take away the armor pieces as souvenirs if you participate in the event!

Wearing experience

Want to try on the handsome and powerful armor?

Of course you can!

Put on the same battle suit as a Qin Dynasty warrior

Experience the visual shock and fervor of armor

If you want to have your own armor

You can also pay for customization!

Travel through the Qin Dynasty Interactive experience

Table with a famous general of the Qin Dynasty!

"General Meng Tian" and "Li Si", the Prime Minister of Qin Dynasty

will be seated together with you as "participants in the journey"

Learning the art of war, modeling interaction, posing for photos

Super immersive armor interaction

Come and join us with your father!

Estee Lauder's "Collagen Up Yoga Studio" is coming to town

Collagen is the way to go

Estee Lauder Collagen Upward Yoga Studio

The shining arrival at CityOn!

Exclusive and upward experience

——Collagen Upward Yoga Studio Limited Time Event——

Full Sale

100 off over 500

1100 off over 5000

Second sale

50% off the second small brown bottle essence (limited to 2 pieces per person);

20% off one Platinum product and 7.9% off two or more;

Visit the Collagen Up Yoga Studio now!

Witness the strength of collagen experts

Feel the power of lifting up!

Gift for Father's Day "Clothes" to show your heart

Some people say that a father's love is like a mountain

Some people say that a father's love is like an ocean

Compared with the dazzling love of mother

Father's love is more introverted and subtle and silent

We often don't know how to express our love to our fathers

This Father's Day, why not prepare a Father's Day gift for your father?

Let the gift to express your love for your father ~

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Mountains have no words, love has a voice

Father's love is silent

Father's Day, show your love to your father

Let's meet together at CityOn

Have a Father's Day full of rituals