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The Dragon Boat Festival is a great time to visit the Qin Market! Come to CityOn to experience the super super immersive Qin Market~

Qin charm Dragon Boat Festival "Zong" tour Qin tide

The Summer of Rice Dumplings and the Great Charm of Qin

The holiday season is upon us and it's just in time

Come to CityOn for something different!

21 June - 24 June "Qin City"

Dreaming of the Qin Dynasty at the immersive Qin Market at CityOn Recreating traditional folk life

Meet the people of this era

Dragon Boat Festival comes tide through the "Qin Feng Ya Ji" Qin Market set

The Fragrance of Rice Dumpling Leaves at Dragon Boat Festival

CityOn <Qin Feng Ya Ji> Qin Market Collection

In the bamboo-built Qin market

Many "Qin" style shops

Take an immersive journey to the Qin tide in a second


Terracotta figurines move the Qin "tide"  

THIS ARMY is the figurine

What is the first thing you think of when you think of the Qin Dynasty?

What would you most like to see when you travel back in time to the Qin Dynasty?

Is it the Terracotta Warriors, known as the "Eighth Wonder of the World"?

CityOn has joined forces to create an IP based on the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin

"THIS ARMY This is the figurine"

Bringing the national trend of cultural and creative products to the "Qin market"

Experience Qin culture in depth with various Terracotta Warriors and Horses elements


The Armour Promise

Armouring Hall

'It is said that there is no clothing, with the son of the same robe, it is said that there is no clothing, with the son of the same. '

The armour of a Qin dynasty warrior is a natural part of crossing the Qin tide

Armour-centric IP Embellished Armour Hall

Bringing Qin dynasty "man's clothing" armour to the "Qin market"

Take a look at the culture of the Qin army and the Qin generals


Looking back a thousand years, love at first sight

Shaanxi Qin Liquor & Wine Co.

The Story of China in Wine

"Qin wine was drunk at the court of the Qin king to celebrate the unification and destruction of six kingdoms.

On the day of Zhang Qian's mission to the West, 

Qin wine was first offered as a national gift."

"Qin Wine", the blood of the Qin people in their bones

CityOn in association with Shaanxi Qin Wine & Spirits Co.

Bringing "Qin Wine" to the "Qin Market"

Taste Qin wine and make friends with Qin people in Qin culture


 Through time and space light and shadow "shadow" out of the wonderful

WeiYang Shadow

This was once an artistic ensemble nurtured by a land and water

It is the blossoming of life in light and shadow

Qinzhong beautiful shadow dialogue with the national essence


Qin Feng Duanwu Creative Handicrafts

ChuWan Handicrafts

When Handicraft Meets Chinese Style

Traditional techniques combined with modern technology

This Dragon Boat Festival, experience creative handicrafts in the strong Qin style

Give you a different sense of ritual


Enjoying life and making things with your hands

Soo. Slow Living Space

The most rustic materials combined with the warmth of your fingertips

Let your imagination embrace dazzling clay

Presenting your own whimsical ideas

Experience traditional culture with clay in the Qin wind


Chinese ink and calligraphy, the Dragon Boat Festival ink objectt

Ink manufacture

Dancing on the breeze with your wrist

The scent of ink wafting through the air

Come and experience the Dragon Boat Festival where the fragrance of ink meets the Qin style


Good health at the Dragon Boat Festival

XiangBang Teaware

A tea vessel as a gift, a joy to be in the same boat

Experience the taste of tea in the summer of "zong" in the city of Qin at the Dragon Boat Festival


Weaving Hand Rope for Dragon Boat Festival

Hand Braided Rope

A knot with a thousand-year heritage of "Chinese love"

As all hopes and blessings pour from the fingers into the knot.

That most sincere heart seemed to have substance.


Create a little fun to play up

XiaoChun Painting

Feel the beauty of the world with the simplest of drawings

Come to "Qin City" and enjoy the relaxing and meaningful sketches

Keep the love and enthusiasm for life


Play the "National Dragon Boat Festival" in the Qin style

Jin Yu Man Tang State Style Original

One year, one Dragon Boat Festival, one year, one year of health

Come to CityOn for a taste of national charm

Give the Dragon Boat Festival a different twist


The Dragon Boat Festival adds fragrance to the "dumplings"

Yano Art Scent Collection

Inserting calamus and mugwort leaves

Bathing and incense, insect and epidemic repellent

Chinese fragrance culture has a long history

The Dragon Boat Festival adds fragrance to the "Qin Market

In search of the romance that only the Chinese can read


Brilliant hand to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival and embellish people's hearts with tradition

Qiaoqiao Handicraft

At the Dragon Boat Festival, Qin wind meets traditional handicrafts

This is a beautiful way to convey love and blessing

It is also a touching moment of time and warmth


"Rice Dumplings" at your fingertips

The Path to Memory

The rituals of traditional Chinese festivals are hidden in small objects

Come to "Qin Market" this Dragon Boat Festival

Creating exclusive "dumpling" summer memories with non-traditional craftsmanship