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Explore the history of Qin Dynasty, learn the etiquette of Spring and Autumn, come to CityOn to start a happy June 1!


Meet Qin Tide Happy June 1

Traveling through the millennium, walking through the "Qin tide"

The little children are handsome and pretty

Exploring Spring and Autumn rituals and reciting Spring and Autumn poems

A bustling crowd of people

This June 1, open a new experience of Children's Day in “Qin tide"!

Exploring Chinese Rituals Revisiting Spring and Autumn Etiquette

In the pre-Qin and Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods

Rites of passage have been studied in great depth

Thousands of years have passed since the majestic old Qin

But its history and culture have had a profound impact on future generations

Come to CityOn for the Spring and Autumn Etiquette Study on June 1

Dressing up with the children in Qin Dynasty costumes

Through the "Great Qin Gate"

Explore the history of pre-Qin and learn about Spring and Autumn manners

Experience the charm of a thousand years of Chinese culture on a tour

Spring and Autumn Etiquette Study

Activities: CityOn will invite professional etiquette teachers to conduct live teaching of spring and autumn etiquette, 

and children can start a journey of exploration of Chinese etiquette through live etiquette performances.

Event time: 1 June (15:00-17:00)

Venue: Atrium, Gate 3, 1st Floor

Qin Wind Recites Poetry, Qin Rhyme Lasts Forever

The world is a big place, chant and recite

Heritage of Chinese chanting culture, nurturing the ancient charm of the Qin Dynasty

This June 1, CityOn uses poetry as the basis of its heritage

Chanting as a medium of communication

Into the Spring and Autumn Poetry Together

Experience the beauty of poetry in a different way

Spring and Autumn Poetry Recitation Performance

Activities:With poetry in your belly, you can recite ancient and modern poems. 

With the theme of "poetry and books accompanying the years, 

ritual and music throughout the spring and autumn",

 CityOn will carry out the activity of reciting ancient poems.

Event time: 1 June (15:00-17:00)

Venue: Atrium, Gate 3, 1st Floor

Ink inscriptions show the beauty of seal script in the Qin and Han styles

The book is the same as the text, and the text is in harmony with the Qin, 

and the Qin script in small seal script prevails in six countries

When you think of Qin culture, you have to mention the small seal script

The thousand-year old charm that flows from the tip of the brush

This time, CityOn enters the Qin small seal script

Explore the culture of writing on the inconspicuous small bamboo sticks

Nomination of a Bamboo Sign in Small Seal Script

Activities: CityOn will invite professional teachers to nominate bamboo sticks for children and present them to the children.

Event time: 1 June (15:00-17:00)

Venue: Atrium, Gate 3, 1st Floor

New dressing play June 1

The ritual of the holiday without a set of favorite equipment

Holiday dressing for a new outfit, the style you want is all here

On June 1, the children's clothing brands have more

Giant mannequin parade, balloon distribution and other activities

Quickly bring your baby to play together ~

The heart of a child is still with you "child" fun

Summer is everyone's childhood

We all have our own impressive childhood gifts

June 1 is approaching, 

and all the friends of all sizes are feverishly waiting for it

You, without gifts can not

Come and arrange for yourself

Wonderful "food" light "children" like wonderful

Let's go to the food, let's go to the happiness

Happy time should be accompanied by delicious food

Children's Day, the love for children

Put your love for children in delicious food

Childhood is like a colorful box

Filled with sweetness, filled with laughter

They are full of enthusiasm and expectation for the world

This June 1, take your children to experience the history and culture

Have a children's day full of rituals