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@all, CityOn invites you to enjoy the Qin Feng show!


Fingertip Art Qin Embroidery Awards 

Qin Embroidery Awards Qin Style Embroidery Costume Show

The legacy of Qin style, the new charm of modern embroidery

The beauty of Qin embroidery lies in its inheritance

The beauty lies in the skill, the beauty lies in the craftsmanship

The beauty lies in the persistence of tradition in each thread

Thousands of years of Qin embroidery, piercing the ancient and modern

A single needle and thread draws the essence of thousands of years of Chinese culture

The beauty of the embroidery is in the unpredictable encounter

PART01: "Xi" heart heritage "embroidery" beautiful Qin style

A beautiful blossoming of the flowing fingertips

The beauty of inheritance of innovative and ingenious art

A feast of Qin embroidery in all its forms

CityOn City New Showroom

"A show that is more than you can imagine" 

June 10, "Qin Embroidery Appreciation" Qin Style Embroidery Costume Show

Nearly 100 sets of Qin style embroidery costumes

Coming soon!

Go from tradition, come from fashion

Qin style embroidery clothing exhibition, reproduce the ancient and modern crossover drama

Professional models will be dressed in gorgeous Qin element costumes for the live show

In the Qin culture theme site

From "The Hundred Family Names in Qin Seal" to "The Gate of Qin"

Immersive display of the unique charm of Qin style costumes

A different kind of embroidery 

Elegance in every square inch  

CityOn takes you back to the ancient art of embroidery

Experience a thousand years of Qin style

PART02"Qin" interpretation of love a second to travel

Dazzle your eyes not only Qin style embroidery clothing show

This weekend immersive Qin culture exhibition

There will be a parade of Qin historical figures to show the style of Qin

June 10 and 11

Qin Dynasty General "General Meng Tian" and Prime Minister "Lord Li Si"

Empress Dowager Xuan "Mi Bazi" and a group of soldiers will parade together

Qin culture meets fashion elements

Waiting for you to find out

PART03: Graduation season, unlock the exclusive benefits of candidates

Summer graduation season, turn around youth has been fixed eternal

Enjoy this summer, shopping and playing arrangements!

Come to [City Heroes] to release the moment of vitality

Xiao Xi has prepared a lot of food benefits

Come and enjoy the beautiful "food" light after the entrance exam ~

PART04: 618 promotion, surprise as low as 30% off

Along with the graduation season comes a mid-year bash!

CityOn spoilers giveaway

Major brand offers are in place

Up to 30% off selected goodies

Come and discover the new fashionable style at CityOn!

PART01: "Xi" heart heritage "embroidery" beautiful Qin style