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Come and start CityOn's wonderful trip this week - Tie-Dye!

This is a magnificent picture scroll inherited for thousands of years
It is also an all-encompassing journey
Delivering the flavor of a thousand years ago and feeling the charm of the culture
CityOn [Shaanxi and Gansu intangible cultural heritage exhibition] continues to be on display

Take you to a thousand-year-old appointment with the intangible cultural heritage

An intangible cultural heritage that will never fade away - Tie-dyeing

Use yarn, thread and string as tools
Using tying, sewing, embellishing, clamping and other techniques
After several immersions in a natural plant dye bath
A colorful and vivid image of a handmade tie-dye work finish

As an ancient and traditional hand-dyeing technique
Now, tie-dye belongs to the national intangible cultural heritage

Tie-dye contains the artistic craftsmanship of folk artists.
Each piece of tie-dye is a vivid work of art.
This unique artistic effect is even more difficult to achieve with mechanical printing and dyeing processes

The three main methods of tie-dyeing are pinch-dyeing, tying and stitching

Pitch-dyeing method - simple and natural patterns
Bamboo, wood, sticks and other equipment are used to tie and dye the fabric
Strictly natural dyes are used.

Tying method - both artistic and design-oriented
You need to pull up a little bit of fabric according to the pre-design, or smooth the long strip
or make various kinds of folding
Finally, it is tied with twine

Stitching method - concrete patterns
Pre-drawn pattern shapes are used for stitching
Drawing and dyeing at the end

What's said in books is superficial; What's obtained in practice is essential
This week, CityOn will invite the intangible cultural heritage teacher
To share the knowledge of ancient tie-dyeing
and provide materials to teach you how to make handmade items

Ancient Tie-Dye ICH Study Salon
Special Supporting Organization: Weiyang District Zhangjiabu Street Office
Time: August 5, 15:00-16:00
Location: Atrium, Gate 3, First Floor

The sound of the strings has been passed down through time to today

Five syllables come from three strings, and each sound contains an ancient rhythm
The three-stringed instrument is a traditional Chinese plucked instrument
It began in the Qin Dynasty and flourished in the Yuan Dynasty
It is an indispensable instrument in traditional Chinese opera

This week CityOn will be on hand to present a three-stringed rendition of
"Chasing the Moon with Colored Clouds", "Weaving Flower Baskets", "Orchid Grass", "Nanniwan" and other classics
We are looking forward to seeing you all!

Three-stringed Performance
Time: August 5, 15:00-16:00
Location: Atrium, Gate 3, Ground Floor

Tie-dyeing, an unfading craft in intangible cultural heritage
ICH, the treasure of human civilization that will never fade away
Bringing ICH and traditional skills into our lives
07.06 - 08.31
Come to CityOn and help to pass on the ICH!