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This intangible cultural heritage, weaving really good ......

Intangible cultural heritage at your fingertips, art for all

The most last thing in the time is the craftsman's heart
Carrying the simplicity and spirit of the years
The persistent pursuit of a hundred generations
CityOn “Shaanxi and Gansu Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition”
continues to be on display

Relive the beautiful and exquisite sense of ceremony

Palm Weaving, Empowering the Spirit of Plants with Craftsmanship

Taking the plants, weaving the animals and all things on earth
Palm weaving is like giving new life to plants
With the process of craftsmanship and skillful technique
The hand-woven objects have spirituality in a flash

The palm leaves are picked for their resilience
Two strands of palm leaves are twisted around the fingertips,
one threaded, one hooked, one folded and one clasped

Palm leaves are transformed into a thousand shapes and forms by the skillful hands
They may be exquisite household items, or cute animals
One by one, the works come to life
The grain of the palm leaves is embellished with
the wisdom and ingenuity of the craftsmen

In the humid climate of Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province
Palm trees are found all over the mountains
giving birth to generations of palm weavers
Hanzhong palm handcraft has a history of 150 years
It is also one of the third batch of intangible cultural heritages in Shaanxi Province

This week, CityOn will invite the intangible cultural heritage teacher
To share with you the origin, material and method of Hanzhong ancient palm weaving
and teach you how to make palm weaving
What kind of small objects do you want to make?
Come to CityOn and become the inheritor of the palm weaving craft together!

Hanzhong Ancient Palm Weaving Intangible Cultural Heritage Study Salon
Special Supporter: Weiyang District Zhangjiabu Street Office
Time: August 12 15:00-16:00
Location: Atrium, Gate 3, First Floor

Xun music like wind, chanting the past and celebrating the present

The eight tones of ancient Chinese musical instruments:
gold, stone, earth, wood, silk, bamboo, Gourd and leather
Xun is the only of the eight tones of "earth"
The Xun music originated from the period of Shang and Zhou
with the vicissitudes of a thousand years of texture
The rhythm of the times, the deep emotion
and the power of life are condensed into a whole
Ancient, thick, low, vicissitudes, mysterious, mournful

This week, CityOn will bring Xun music to the stage
"By the Lake of Belga", "Intimate Traveler", "The Sound of the Voice"
"Thoughts of Love Through Time and Space" and other songs
Waiting for you to enjoy!

Traditional Music -- Xun
Time: August 12, 15:00-16:00
Location: Atrium, Gate 3, First Floor

Craftsmen give life to art
Art gives the love and pursuit back
Join CityOn in the relay for intangible cultural heritage
Let the essence of culture be passed on eternally