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Have all people in Xi’an Received the Notification of CityOn's Qixi Festival?

Let's Love in CityOn, not just on Qixi Festival

Starlight shines, love lasts forever
Encounter the beautiful romance in the melody of love in CityOn
This Qixi Festival, meet with CityOn as expected

Experience a different kind of romantic Qixi Festival

Five Grains Painting and Cucurbit Flute

The five grains are the brush and ink that paint the world
The common grains and cereals on the dining table
In the hands of craftsmen, they are transformed into exquisite paintings of grains
In the past, the painting of grains symbolized the abundance and the prosperity of the country
Nowadays, as an intangible cultural heritage, five grains painting
is an important part of Chinese culture and a treasure of world

This week, CityOn will invite a teacher to share the knowledge related to five grains painting
and teach you how to make the it on site
If you are interested in the five grains painting
Come to CityOn to experience the charm of this intangible cultural heritage art

Yangling Five Grains Painting-Intangible Cultural Heritage Study Salon
Special Supporter: Weiyang District Zhangjiabu Street Office
Time: August 19th 15:00 - 16:00
Location: Atrium, Gate 3, First Floor

Cucurbit flute can be traced back to the pre-Qin Dynasty
As one of the common musical instruments used by Yunnan's ethnic minorities
The melodious cucurbit flute is full of rich local colors
It is often used to play folk tunes such as mountain songs and agricultural songs

This week, CityOn will be presenting
Toward the Clouds, South of the Colorful Clouds,
Moonlight Bamboo and Porcelain and other classical tunes

Traditional Instrument - cucurbit flute
Time: August 19th 15:00 - 16:00
Location: Atrium, Gate 3, First Floor

Crush: Have a Romantic Date, the Warning of crush
The fluttering of the first sight also means the flipped of the first sight
Crossing the starry river on the night of Qixi Festival to record the moment of flipped

The sweetest time to meet in CityOn on Qixi Festival
A giant Wall of Love, full of romantic atmosphere
Roses in full bloom, stirring up the ripples in your heart
Set your romantic moments on the Wall of Love
Post the hashtag #Let's Love in CityOn, not just on Qixi Festival# to any social media platforms
Receive a free "Qixi Festival Lottery Ticket"
You will also have a chance to win a huge prize and a coupon for a river view suite at Yueyuan Hotel valued at 1,388 RMB!
*While stocks last!

the Wall of Love
Time: August 22nd
Location: Atrium of Gate 1 of CityOn

Guarding Love: A Little Love on Your Wrist

According to tales, Zhi Nu can weave the heavenly clothes which are as beautiful as brocade
But it is a bit difficult to weave clothes for they?

CityOn invites you and they to participate in the weaving of agate strings
Agate has a translucent texture and pure color, as pure and eternal as love
The bracelet is pronounced like "Shou Lian", which means guarding one's love

Choose your family name or a blessing to bead
A handmade teacher will guide you to complete the bracelet weaving on site
Present the finished bracelet to they!
Help you to express your love bravely!

Couple agate string DIY
Time: August 22nd 18:00-21:00
Location: Atrium, Gate 3, CityOn

Show Your Love: Thanks for the Encounter, Show Your Love Bravely

The star of Altair is a long way away, and the star of the river is bright
Every encounter should be full of anticipation like Niu Lang and Zhi Nu

The sweetness of the moment!
CityOn will start the "limited roses" romantic giveaway on Qixi Festival
Delivering the romance and true love of Qixi Festival with the language of flowers
Express your love and affection through the language of flowers

The Limited Roses Distributed on Qixi Festival
Time: August 22nd 18:00 - 21:00
Location: Atrium, Gate 1, CityOn

Prayer: Pray for Happiness and Long-Lasting Love
Sing on Qixi Festival, and the sound of it lingers
The sound of the music will bring you a special feeling

CityOn will bring a different flavor to the Qixi Festival with the rhythm of ancient musics
At the "Shaanxi and Gansu Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition" in CityOn
Ancient music band consisting of Zhongruan, Pipa, Erhu, Flute, Guzheng, and singer
They will perform Song of Water, Love of a Daughter, The Mound of Infatuation, Liangzhu, Rain in June
The Love of My Lifetime, The Knowing, Moonlight in a Lotus Pond and other classic songs
Bring THEY to CityOn to express your love through music
Play the music of each other's heart

Ancient Style Band Performing
Time: August 22nd, 18:00-21:00
Location: Atrium, Gate 1, CityOn, Interactive Guqin Area

When the Lights On, the Night is Still Young

In the Song and Yuan dynasties, the Qixi Festival was a grand event
On the first day of July, the market was filled with carriages, and was crowded with people
The atmosphere is as grand as the Spring Festival

When the lights on and the night is young and beautiful
Go back to a thousand years ago with CityOn

Enter CityOn's "Street of Creation Market"
Immersive shopping in Chinese traditional cloth
Watch the ancient dance performance of Su Mu Zhi
Enjoy a fun frog flash mob to warm up
Feel the lively atmosphere at the night!

Ancient Style Dance Show - Su Mu Zhe
Time: August 22nd, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00
Location: CityOn Outer Plaza Bazaar

Han Fu (Chinese Traditional Cloth) Dressing Experience
Time: August 22, 17:00-21:00
Location: CityOn Outer Plaza Bazaar

Frog Flash Mob
Time: August 22nd 19:00, 20:00, 21:00
Location: CityOn Outer Plaza Bazaar

This Qixi Festival, together with CityOn
Start a different kind of “Oriental Valentine's Day"
Explore romance in multiple activities
Choose your love in the surprise discount activities