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Haven't seen the Shaanxi and Gansu Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition? The Final Week of the Exhibition with Two Intangible Cultural Heritage on-line~


The best of intangible cultural heritage artisanal craftsmanship

Carrying historical memories and national traditions
Passing down the wisdom and crystallization of people from generation to generation
The craftsmanship of intangible cultural heritage is everlasting and ever new

7.06-8.31 CityOn [Shaanxi and Gansu Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition]
is about to enter the closing countdown
Come to CityOn and experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage face to face!

Cloisonné, the bright pearl of the arts and crafts industry

It has the same warmth as jade, jewelry-like luster
Porcelain-like delicacy, gold and silver-like splendor
It is one of the four major flowers of arts and crafts - Cloisonné

Cloisonné, commonly known as "copper enamel", is a kind of copper tire, with soft flat copper wire, pinched into a variety of patterns welded on, and then the enamel color glaze filled in the pattern within the firing of the objects.
With its noble origin, elegant temperament and exquisite craftsmanship, it is one of the famous metal crafts in China.

In the old days, cloisonné artwork was exclusively for the enjoyment of
the nobility in the imperial palace
Thanks to the skilled folk artists to be inherited
But because of its complicated production process and expensive materials
Until now, cloisonné is still very precious and rare

Each piece of cloisonné work from design to finished product
It needs to go through 108 processes
such as tire making, silk pinching, blue pointing, blue burning, polishing, gold plating and so on
And each of these processes
requires the craftsmen to pursue the ultimate and most beautiful payment
In 2006, cloisonné production technology has been selected as one of the first national intangible cultural heritage list

Do you want to experience the art of making cloisonné, which was once a "palace art"?
This week, CityOn will invite a teacher to talk about cloisonné
and will teach you how to make cloisonné on site.

Cloisonné Study Salon
Special Supporter: Weiyang District Zhangjiabu Street Office
Time: August 26, 15:00-16:00
Location: Atrium, Gate 3, First Floor

Through the Millennium, Heartstrings Resonate

Cloisonné as mentioned above, this week CityOn will bring you the appreciation of ancient musical instruments
was once "hidden" in the imperial court
This precious and magnificent instrument was once unattainable to the common man
So much so, that it was once removed from the stage of Chinese music
It's one of the oldest stringed instruments in China, Konghou

The shape of Konghou is like half of a wooden comb, and the number of strings varies according to the size of the instrument
There are three types of konghou: horizontal konghou, vertical konghou and phoenix head konghou
It has a wide range of sound and softness
This week, CityOn will bring you the performance of Konghou instrument on the spot

Traditional Instrumental Performance - Konghou
Time: August 26th, 15:00-16:00
Location: Atrium, Gate 3, First Floor

In the vast history
Searching for the precious footprints of art
Passing on the craftsmanship from one generation to the next
Let the sound of heavenly music echo in your ears
Come to CityOn to witness the wisdom and beauty of intangible cultural heritage